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The Digi-Resource Consulting Group provides expert consultants
to assist in streamlining and automating your business

We deliver “customized” technology and workflow solutions which leverage our knowledge of work groups and “best practice” processes… and capitalize on our cross-industry expertise

You Benefit... by Automating and Streamlining Processes... thereby
Enhancing Service Levels, Increasing Quality and Reducing Costs

Why 'Hire' when you can Outsource the Solution!

  • Digi Consultants and Systems Developers are available on a project fee basis... so you only pay for the talent and results that you need... with no on-going expenses or liabilities!

Approach and Benefits

  • We perform a Needs Analysis to identify critical targets for Improvement... then construct a Project Plan (including resources, budgets and scheuldes)... then Project Manage the development, implementation and training to assure seamless integration within your organization!

  • This multifunctional cross-industry experience allows us to deliver “best-of-breed” solutions … by identifying productivity improvement solutions using proven technologies

  • We have a professional staff of former Big 8 consultants, Certified Project Managers and Certified Systems Developers ready to meet your needs today!

'Pay for Performance' - Business Model

  • Why hire one 'Person' when you can have a 'Professional Team'... and Save Money!
    on-going labor costs, fringe benefits, vacation time and overhead expenses

  • The bottom-line is Increased Customer Satisfaction… with streamlined 'customer centric' systems that deliver results... at lower cost... faster!


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