Author & Creator Features

Learn About Copyright Infringement RISKS!  Using 3rd party copyrighted material in your manuscripts without Permission is illegal and exposes Authors and Publishers to lawsuits!  Digi-EXPress helps you comply with copyright laws by enabling you to efficiently acquire Permissions!
Perform Self-Directed Rights Assessments from your PC or mobile device...  learn what content is Fair Use or Public Domain, what Rights you own and what Rights you may need to get Permissions from 3rd party providers!

Organize and build perm logs on-line... research rightsholders... request permissions automatically and inventory your content rights!
Research for Content Providers!   1-click searches Digi-Registry... a global directory of thousands of verified 3rd party rightsholders, who provide value-added content for your publication!  Contacts are automatically inserted into your request letter to enable faster communications and permissions!
Get Permissions in 1-click...  for 3rd party content items in your title.  Automatically creates request letters and electronically send to rightsholders to Get Permissions!
Register and Sell Your Rights... increase your income by selling rights to your book or content... including movie rights, audio-books, foreign language translations, etc.
Reduce risk of 3rd party copyright infringement lawsuits.  All contacts and negotiations with rightsholders are time-stamped and documented in a log as proof of permissions!